Wind power


Wind power is the conversion of the kinetic energy of wind into electricity by wind turbines or wind generators. The produced electricity can be consumed immediately by an inverter or stored in batteries. It is essential that wind turbines should overtop its surroundings and avoid wind shadows to provide high and steady wind; otherwise we cannot reach high efficiency.
   We distinguish vertical and horizontal axis wind generators.

Wind power systems can be constructed as follows:

   Off-grid system:Wind generator + batteries + inverter = 230 V. Batteries can be expensive but independency provided in exchange.
 Grid-tied system: Energy produced by wind generators can also be delivered into the grid. This solution requires no battery bank but an intelligent controlled, more expensive inverter should be integrated that amplifies the energy from the turbine and directs it into the grid. (“It boosts the grid”.) In this system the traditional electricity meters are replaced by a so-called “back and forth” balance meters that measures the quantity of consumed and regenerated kWh the difference of which makes out the sum of utility bills. Dependency is the only disadvantage of the system.