Pellet - Production

Pellet - Production

   The process of pelletizing begins with moisturizing and milling raw ingredients like sawdust, bits of wood and shavings. Passing through a ventilation system, the dried and ground homogeneous raw material (mass) gets into a press where it is compressed into small rodlet granules at high pressure without adding any synthetic adhesives. As a result, highly dense and hard wood pellet is produced. Lignin, which is one of the natural components of wood, works as adhesive, however oil seeds or different types of flour are also often used for this purpose, increasing solidity as well. The advantages of compression technology are cleanliness, easy handling and economic transportation. After conditioning, pellet is packed in either plastic bags (15 kg each, 1005 kg / pallet) or “big-bag” sacks (850 kg).

Raw material milling

Press at work

Elevator and cooler system


Pellet portioning into 'big-bag' sacks

Pellet sacking machine

Pellet in 15 kg sacks

Pellet storage